Marketing With AI: Reap the benefits, skip the hype

B2B marketing is changing at an unprecedented pace, and many marketers feel like they’re caught in a tornado of change. Cookieless environments, fluctuating media ROI, and increasingly tight budgets are enough to create havoc. Then, add AI to the mix.

AI is here to stay.

There’s no question that AI has already infiltrated many of the tools we use daily. From Grammarly’s grammar suggestions to Canva’s design templates, AI is subtly integrated into various platforms. Big tech companies like Microsoft and Google are baking AI into their products. In other words, whether marketers are ready or not, AI adoption is happening.

And it’s happening fast. Generative AI (GenAI) — a type of AI technology that can quickly produce content like text, imagery, audio, and synthetic data — is undeniably one of the biggest contributors to the whirlwind. GenAI tools like ChatGPT are advancing at lightning speed, with capabilities that were expected to take years arriving within mere months.

Case in point: A team member recently built a custom AI assistant on GPT-3 in just 1.5 hours without any coding. At a price point accessible to just about anyone, tools like ChatGPT further accelerate the pace of change.

Invest smartly.

AI adoption doesn’t have to mean a complete retooling of marketing skills. Many marketers already use AI for “low-level” tasks like creating social media content or generating email copy, freeing up valuable creative talent for strategic thinking.

As for GenAI, many clients tell us they feel the pressure to leverage it but need guidance on best practices. There’s a wariness around losing brand authenticity, and until clear guidelines on proper implementation are in place, many companies are limiting their use of GenAI.

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. According to IDC, more than 60% of organizations are currently in the GenAI exploration phase.1

This we know: Used well, GenAI has the potential to help you supercharge your marketing efforts, but not every tool out there will be a good fit for your specific needs. To help narrow the options, the following are a few use cases that can be real game changers for your B2B strategy. For example:

  • Chatbots can handle routine customer queries around the clock, reducing customer wait times and freeing up your customer service team to tackle more complex tasks.
  • Social media monitoring tools use AI to keep tabs on what’s being said about your brand on social media. They save you hours of manual searching and help you manage your online reputation proactively.
  • Predictive analytics tools use AI to analyze past data and predict future trends. This can be a lifesaver when planning your marketing strategy.
  • AI writing assistants can help you churn out consistent and engaging content — with the keyword being “assistant.” GenAI is fast, but it isn’t always accurate. Consider AI a convenient jump starter vs. a substitute for human writing. (Another caveat: Although Google search doesn’t inherently penalize AI-generated content, it does take measures against any type of content that’s primarily created to manipulate search results.)

Prepare your team.

AI requires human oversight. Think of it as a junior team member who holds immense potential but needs guidance. As you ease into new tools, equip your team with the skills to work alongside AI effectively.

Some have compared the tech upheaval to the onset of the internet decades ago — and navigating the rapid changes may feel overwhelming at times — but with strategic planning and a willingness to adapt, you can reap the benefits of AI minus the anxiety.

Curious how AI solutions can help you meet your marketing goals? Talk to one of our archers.

1 The Era of AI Everywhere Is Here. IDC.

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